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After the problem, liu disposal secretary does not relax a little bit, a lot of things to the world. The first telephone, the JinYouWei call. "LiuJun, things like something wrong about it……"

Jin childe on the phone with amazing language. LiuJun ghd mk4 black and JinYouWei ghd gold contacts so DuoNian, is the first time to listen to JinYouWei in this tone, visible over there, indeed, was its childe some unusual news.

LiuJun sees a way: "how wrong?"

"Well, you have no matter XunShiZu thing?"

JinYouWei is very strange asked.

LiuJun say with smile: "I tube wear?"

"Hey hey, it’s none of your business, someone tube wear, this two days, XunShiZu man does not idle, in the city, ask around ZouJieChuanHang yulan you liu of the ruling reputation ah, secretary of. I listen to people said, some in sending out about you around! ghd australia shop $material, exposed your fault ah. And, of course, is spoken, but the real action for the public and the benefits promised!!!!!" JinYouWei dozen ha ha, the voice is cold. LiuJun brow frowning dark ghd not up and said, "what’s the matter, you say careful!"

JinYouWei gave he carefully said once. This is also the first got its childe information. Say someone in strewn LiuJun adverse to the words of the accused, in spite of his public interests lie in yulan city, and at what garden ghd radiance set city, projects for political reform, what education planning, what, are all contained the showy, in its essence, is in the ordeal, and costly. And some say he style without democracy, in me, get cramming method, the yulan hold to the standing committee of municipal party committee, slaps iron-fisted controls, cultivating their own loyalist forces only.


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